Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm back..

After over a year, here I am again... honestly, medyo na frustrate ako when I didn't win Miss Noemi's ( Love Struck Writing Contest. And sinabayan pa ng pagkadepress ko because I was having a difficult time on deciding whether to work or stay and take care of my 2 children. Anyways, here I am again hopefully tuloy tuloy na ang pagiging Blogger ko.

At first, I was having difficulties blogging, kasi I wanted my blog to be in English. Pero I am not that fluent when it comes to English. Kaya nga one of my plan is to study English language or to train sa mga English language courses. One of my goal kasi is to be an English Trainer dito sa company namin. Matagal ko na talagang gusto maging English Trainer since I joined the Call Center industry. There's just the longing for me to teach or share what I have learned from all of the trainings that I had. Hopefully, I can achieve the goal of being an English Trainer. I am working hard to attain that goal and everyday I always look for opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge.

What else can you expect from this blog? Well, ano pa ba e di yun mga kabaliwan and kung anik-anik pa sa "circle of life" ni Cream. I'll post whatever is in my mind, whether I'm sad or happy. All I ask is sana hindi kayo magsawa sa mga kuwento ko.

Hope you guys enjoy my life novel and my inconsistencies... hehehe...
So... Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Cream...

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